Technical Architect • Project Manager • Software Engineer


In addition to project development, I helped establish and document team development standards for company including setup of Subversion for software version control, database administration security standards, daily team status calls format, bug/enhancement tracking system for team members and clients, etc.  Specific projects include:
• AIDSspace (UNAIDS) project ( – developed social network application similar to Facebook devoted to worldwide AIDS research, information, organizational connections and support.  We developed the application using a mix of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, multimedia, etc.  I handled a lot of front and back-end development and served as a Subversion and DB administrator when the project lead experienced a lengthy illness.
• Reform Immigration for America ( – developed English and Spanish websites based upon WordPress framework using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Ajax.  In addition to coding and database modeling, set up Subversion for development environment.
• Envision Prince George’s County ( – developed website including interfaces with WordPress, Salsa networking platform, Uservoice voting platform, etc.

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