Technical Architect • Project Manager • Software Engineer


Just wanted to say one last thank you, especially since we spent so much time on meetings throughout this project. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.  AFT is so happy with your work with our SIS app, and you’ve been a joy to work with. I’m sad that the project is coming to an end, and I hope that we find ourselves working together in the future.

Thanks again!


Austin Demers

Systems Analyst

Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC

Austin Demers, Systems Analyst, Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC

“I’m a Computer Science Professor Emeritus and Brian was a student of mine. He is one of the better students I’ve ever had. In addition, I have used Brian for many programming gigs, he is thorough and professional.”  – Urban LeJeune, President,

Urban Lejeune, President

“Brian is highly skilled at creating his own database-driven programs, and is quite literate about many off-the-shelf options. He is excellent at finding a balance that best suits the client’s needs.”  – Leann Schmidt, President,

Leann Schmidt, Vice President,

Brian was hired as a consultant to develop a new and improved website for I cannot give enough positive feedback from not only a development perspective but also from a patience and professionalism perspective. Brian goes above and beyond what is expected of him and I highly recommend Brian to company or person seeking a new website! He has been a pleasure to work with on this ongoing project!

Traci Peterson, Recruitment Specialist/Human Resources at St. Luke's Hospital